Roles & Responsibilities

IT Security Forensic Sr. Analyst

Working knowledge of Incident Response processes
Working knowledge of Internet and Internet working technologies (e.g. firewalls, intrusion detection systems, computer security tools etc)
Working knowledge of encryption systems
Working knowledge of memory forensics
Working knowledge of Guidance Software Encase

Incident Response rapid response to mitigate Information Security Incidents and Events
Search and seizure of physical and logical evidence
Imaging of hard disk drives and other digital storage media
Digital forensic examination and analysis
Recovery of deleted files and folders, internet history, deleted emails, identification of attached devices, analysis of event logs and proxy logs
Network packet capture and analysis
User activity monitoring
Assist Develop strategies to improve the efficiency and consistency of service delivery
Provision of report and statements in clear unambiguous language
Provision of witness testimony for disciplinary hearing



Info Sec News Websites



Java Open jdk and Oracle Simultaneous installation

Select Java Version “sudo update-alternatives –config java”
View Java Version ” java -version”

## java ##
alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/java/latest/jre/bin/java 200000
## javaws ##
alternatives --install /usr/bin/javaws javaws /usr/java/latest/jre/bin/javaws 200000

## Java Browser (Mozilla) Plugin 32-bit ##
alternatives --install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/i386/ 200000

## Java Browser (Mozilla) Plugin 64-bit ##
alternatives --install /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/amd64/ 200000

## Install javac only if you installed JDK (Java Development Kit) package ##
alternatives --install /usr/bin/javac javac /usr/java/latest/bin/javac 200000
alternatives --install /usr/bin/jar jar /usr/java/latest/bin/jar 200000